Difference between LCD LED TV

Hi, My name is Larry.

The big question out their is what is the difference between LCD LED TVs. Well their are a few difference between the too.

But let me tell you what is the same about the LCD and LED. They both have fluorescent lamps  that light up the TV set and or the picture.

Now here is the differences between the fluorescent lamps or the picture, The lamps on the LED TV set give you a brighter picture, But use more energy. The LCD TV set, The picture is not as bright, But this save energy.


Now don’t get me wrong here, Both flat screen TV sets have beautiful pictures. Just one hits the electric bill a little more than the other.

Okay now check this out. Not to many people know this little tidbit of info. Their are two different kinds of LED flat screen TV sets. For this example lets use a 50 inch flat screen TV. LED FLAT SCREEN TVLets say one cost say $599 and the second one cost $1199. Why the big difference in price you ask. Well the LED flat screen TV that is priced at $599 only has 8 fluorescent lamps to light up your flat screen TV, They place 2 lamps on the top of your flat screen, 2 on the bottom, and 2 lamps on each side of the flat screen. The $1199 flat screen TV has all the lights that the $599 Flat screen TV  has, Plus it has lamps all threw out the back of the picture screen. Now this high end LED flat screen TV will knock  any ones socks off! Here is a good example of the LCD TV, The cheaper LED TV, And the higher end LED TV. Side-by-side comparison of three types of TV screens

I hope this information was helpful and if you have any questions post me a message or drop me a email tv@flatscreentvinfo.com

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Flat Screen TVs (poem)

Flat screen TV, flat screen TV, Oh how much you mean too me. Difference between LCD LED, So many question you bring.LED FLAT SCREEN TV

Plasma amp LCD TVs, I look to the sky and ask god why should I buy a, cheap flat screen TV.

LCD TV, LED TV, LCD LED TV, Plasma TV, So many too choose from you see, Is this meant to confuse or trick me, This little brain inside me. Or maybe a Smart TV, Could this be the answer and the flat screen, For me.

LED FLAT SCREEN TVI think I’m going crazy, I must be. When I close my eyes to go to sleep, and what do I see. A big 70 inch LED flat screen TV, Chasing after me. As scary as this seems, I think to myself a question to ask this big flat screen TV. And the question that keeps running through my mind is what is the difference between LCD LED TV.

As silly as this sound can I get a LED TV review. Yes LED TV reviews, Maybe it my read, LED TV, The cheap LED TV, that’s the one.

I can see it rite now as plain as can be, LED TV deals, Are you kidding me. LED TV, cheap LCD TVs, cheap led televisions, Are the cheapest led TVs online. Is the best buy TV, The one for me.

I hope this was helpful, and I hope that you see, That everybody could owe the rite flat screen TV.

LED-LCD-PLASMA, So Many to Choose From!!!